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“The sentences of our stories are meant to be penned from the inkwell of the supernatural.” – Beth Moore, Audacious 

In hopes of awakening an audacious life, I am following the tug in my heart to share my words. It’s an act of courage, since for years I have been resisting the idea with various excuses. So here I am… beginning that journey. My hope is that you will pull up a chair and join me at the Table.

Several years ago, Jesus gave me a picture of a giant table with elaborate table settings and a beautiful spread of food. The aroma that wafted off the table beckoned the innermost parts of me and left me craving more. But part of this picture was that I was not sitting at this table. Instead, I was sitting under the table scouring the floor for something that had fallen from someone else’s plate. Jesus spoke to my heart that I didn’t believe that I had a seat at the table. Somewhere in the recesses of my heart along the way I had become to believe that I didn’t belong. Others had a seat to this joyous meal that satisfied, but somehow I was left to the floor. With an outstretched hand, He pulled me out from underneath and sat me next to him. Startled, I found a place with my name on it and sat down. This was the beginning of a journey of belonging.

In a lot of ways, I am still on that journey. A journey to truly receiving that I belong and I have a seat at the Table with King Jesus. I’m slow to accept that I belong, especially when my circumstances are far from what I was hoping for.

With the struggle to feel as though I belong, I find myself tired of living life in a sleepy slumber of apathy and living as though I am a victim of my circumstances. I am ready to experience the supernatural in the midst of day to day life and live with purpose. My soul longs to experience the holiness of simple moments and forsake the need to live a Pinterest perfect life. Personally, I don’t want to live for just the moments that are worth capturing on a news feed. I want to know the steady beat of God’s heart in the quiet moments, the mundane and even those that come in the form of suffering and sadness.

I want to taste and see that he is good and experience the life he died for me to live. I want to believe I have a seat at His table and beckon others to pull up a chair. To take and eat the Bread of Life. Ultimately, I want to look at my life with bewilderment and say to God, “I had no idea you were this good!”

My words in this space are a journey to fully embracing and awakening to Him. Perhaps you also are tired of being a bystander, of rejecting yourself and believing the lie that there is no room for you.

So let’s together learn to sit at the table, belong in His family and embrace the goodness in all season’s and all spaces of life. Let’s see his pen supernaturally write our story and amaze us. Let’s do it together.

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