About Me

Erin- Pic for Blog

Hey there, I am Erin Ellison. A Colorado native. But before we get into the things I like, I want to share a little about the current season I am in.

I am married to a stud of a husband named Chad. He is a skateboarding, computer programming, artist philosopher. He is completely and totally as complex as that sounds. I am totally smitten with him. Chad is everything I didn’t even know I needed. He’s intellectual, intense, passionate, loving and patient. He has a steady, even keeled personality. So when I am freaking out and living at the whims of my emotion, he is rooted deep in rational and Truth. On top of that, the man is the hardest working guy I know. He challenges me in my faith and also spurs me on to pursue things that I love. He’s a total keeper. Not to mention, he is completely dreamy.

Chad+Erin (87 of 115)

We welcomed a tiny human to our clan in April 2016. Miss Calli is a fun loving beam of sunshine in our days. Everyday I am learning something new about her. People that know us well say she is this curious perfect blend of Chad and I. You can even see it in her face. I imagine she will make appearances around here.



Also, I love coffee. I love sticking my toes in the sand, watching birds fly, and thumbing through books in a book store. My favorite things are conversations with good friends and deep thinking writing sessions. Chad finds it amusing that I love to go to the mall and look at things but buy nothing. Lately, cooking has become my therapy. There is something beautiful about creating good food to enjoy with people you love. The more chopping, steps and ingredients the better.

I love love love Jesus. He is marvelous at making all broken things beautiful. Let’s just say I come from a hard, broken past and I still can’t get over the ways he has delivered me. He is in the business of making all things new.

Photo Credits: Top- Kathryn Bronn Photography 

Middle- Rachael Green Photography

Bottom- Brittany Hansen Photography