Pregnancy Nostalgia

I have been feeling a little nostalgic lately about my pregnancy. I miss my baby bump and feeling Calli move around in my belly. I catch myself looking at cute pregnant ladies and feeling slightly envious. I find this hilarious because 7 weeks ago I was dying to not be pregnant. I was so uncomfortable and anxious to meet our sweet girl that I would have paid my weight in gold to get her out. I think this nostalgia and slight longing for a sweet bump is likely a combination of the madness of postpartum hormones (they are nuts) and God’s generosity to women. I don’t know that women would want to get pregnant again and go through the process of getting a little person out of their body (either naturally or via c-section) and all the craziness that goes with it without this silly nostalgia. Basically I would do it all again (and probably will in a few years Lord willing) because sheesh, it’s amazing right?!
I thought I would share with you all some of our maternity pictures. We met our photographer through my Mom. It was one of those God things and Brittney is a delight. She made Chad and I feel at ease and took such gorgeous pictures. I wept scrolling through our photos the first time. I feel proud and beautiful looking at my pregnant body and if I am honest, at the time, felt huge and foreign to me. I was filled with insecurity about my body (and still am) as it stretched to accommodate a new person growing. I was nervous about taking pictures but so wanted to document the bump. I was just so afraid that I would look huge. But Brittney was able to capture the beauty of carrying new life and make this girl feel like a model. Glory!
I have to give a shout out to Brittney. If you or a friend is in need of pregnancy photos or newborn photos, she is amazing. Check out her stuff on her website. 🙂 Thanks Brittney for loving on us and helping us capture the miracle of our sweet Calli Elizabeth.

Party of Three


Well, we are now a party of three. This is Calli Elizabeth. I’m in love. I go gaga over her daily and can’t believe she is my child. She looks like me in the eyes and Chad in the face structure, lips and chin. So stinking cute. She loves snuggling, eating food and makes the cutest noises in her sleep. I can’t believe my body grew this precious gift and God gave her to us. She is the most mellow baby of all time. I am not sure how that happened. But I’ll take it. Friends say I only get one kid like this, so I am treasuring it. 



The past six weeks have been a delightful daze. I am happily deliriously tired for the most wonderful cause. There have certainly been moments that have just been hard; but that’s parenthood right? We have had other moments that are just comical, like exploding poop diapers and bodily fluids coming out of all exit points at the same time. And life is just strange when you are so tired. But somehow you still function. Even without coffee. Calli doesn’t do coffee, so for now I don’t either. You will give up anything to have a baby that sleeps longer than a half an hour. Funny how that works.


At 9 days old we packed up our little family for our first outing and had these pictures taken. Somehow we all managed to be presentable and not look as sleep deprived as we really were. Brittney, our photographer, is a gem. We met through my Mom which is truly a God story. She did our maternity photos too (more on that later). We had fun with her and tried some cute stuff with Calli and I am delighted with how things turned out. Yes, we put our newborn in a bucket. But isn’t it so cute!? I’m sure she will roll her eyes at me one day for this. 


Anyways, we are smitten. 🙂 



We love you Calli. You make our world a brighter, more exciting joyous place. 

If you are needing maternity or newborn photo’s, Brittney Hansen does an amazing job making you feel beautiful even if you just had a baby days before. Check out more of her work here